12 April 2006

Stuff To Do

As many of you may know, April is a time of Chicago art fests. Here is a list of events worthy attending.

1. Version06:April 20-May 7
2. Nova Art Fair: April 28-30
3. Art Chicago in the Park: April 28-May 1
4. Stray Show (part of Art Chicago): April 28-May 1

It is my understanding that the organizers of these shows are working together in promoting each others events. Version will have an info booth at Art Chicago, and Nova Art Fair will be distributing fliers at Art Chicago. All three events are very different from each other, Version06 being the most radical and fun, while the others are the traditional contemporary art fairs, where galleries from various areas apply for a spot, and have a tent with works by artists they represent. Nonetheless, this will be a great time to see a variety of works ranging from the experimental to the more traditional. See u there!!! If any of you will be attending, and you happen to read this blog, feel free to submit your views and critiques of the fests to me at chicagoarts@gmail.com. I am looking for more interested souls to contribute to this blog, especially if you enjoy writing and critiquing pop and art culture.