18 April 2006

Growing Restraint 9

Upon hearing that Matthew Barney created a new movie, and this time with his wife/partner Bjork, I had to see it. Hence, last Thursday I went to Landmark on Clark to see Growing Restraint 9.

Bjork created the soundtrack to the movie, while Barney was responsible for the story and visual presentation. I do not think she wants to be associated with the script, as she usually points out that her focus was on creating music, and not on visual aspects of the film. Overall, the movie was a scrumptious, elating adventure, and the soundtrack fit the film extremely well. Since the film has no dialogue, only for a small conversation in the middle, the music allows the viewer to focus on the visual aspects and the developing story. Apparently, the album to the movie was not liked by Bjork's fans; however, one must remember that its main purpose was to accompany the film and not to be heard alone. Hence, in order to really enjoy this album, one should see Growing Restrain 9.

The Story: Bjork and Barney are guests on a whaling boat. As they arrive, they go through various ceremonial rituals before they meet each other, and their host. The rituals include: bathing, shaving, make up, hair do, being dressed in elaborate animal skins,etc. Once the host arrives,they have tea and a small chat with him (this is the only dialogue in the film). After the host leaves, they remain alone where they begin to portray affection and love for each other through touch, and eventually through stabbing each other in the legs, ripping the meat off, and even tasting parts of their flesh. This part is quiet bloody and gruesome, although, the legs do not look real, however the stabbing is quiet long, and often times it appears as if it will go on forever. As this occurs, the are half submerged in water. At the end of the movie, they turn into whales and swim away from the ship. The movie was very interesting and enjoyable, but could have been a little shorter, as some of the beginning scenes did not make sense (but maybe that's just me). In addition, during the movie there are other events occurring on the ship and surrounding dock. The workers are engaged in building some large metal container,which is later filled in with a white substance, and in the end cut apart; there are children dancing in a procession, several females swimming, and more.

I believe the movie is about creativity, restraint and love, but I might be off. I suggest for everyone to see this movie, if not to see what Barney is about, then to get full enjoyment of Bjork's latest album.

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